Big Red Honda 3 wheeler - help?

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Big Red Honda 3 wheeler - help?

Postby Jiffy » Sun Sep 11, 2011 4:53 am

I have a 3 wheeler Honda and I was riding it around a lot, but with very low oil. It was about half to what it should have been bought a bottle and put one in finally. I kept asking my Dad to buy me some and he never would, so finally I asked a friend, but at this point I already rode a good 40 miles on it ( going to work ) It would smoke every time I rode it, finally after I put the oil in it, it won't smoke anymore, it still makes a big pop sound when turning it off and smells a little, but nothing like it did. It still turns on but it is a lot harder, I have to kick 10 times more than I used to when I got it. Is that related? is there something I can do to fix this? glad I finally got oil in it, but it is killing my knee to keep doing this and the electric start doesn't work. Any help? hope I didn't hurt anything. :( Just had to get to work and couldn't get oil right away. But it still starts and runs great! it goes fast still and doesn't skip or show any motor issues. Just gives me hell kick starting it.... what could this be? thanks!

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