Stalk Poaris PXT VS Mudlites or 589's.

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Stalk Poaris PXT VS Mudlites or 589's.

Postby Stumppuller » Thu Nov 01, 2007 7:55 am

Just wondering does anyone have some info, I have the stock PXT's nowon my Stealth 800, they have 3/4 inch lug, and am just wondering would a 26 mudlite or 589 make that much of a difference in

Ride quality
Speed LOSS,

Are they that much better in SNOW, MUD, Climbing?

I'd be going 26*9*12 front and 26*12*12 back as I don't want to use front spacers and keeping stock rims.

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Postby Ken » Thu Nov 01, 2007 12:05 pm

Posted on the other thread.

589's. Hard ride, run short and wide. 9" will most likely rub. The Polaris rims have the SHITTIEST offset on the planet. My 9" wide Mudlites rub....I see reason why the 589's or any other 9" wouldn't rub too.

Mudlites. Better on hard pack...wear faster.

Get the Bighorns, and be happy. You won't find a better tire. If the Bighorn 25" are 8" wide...they'll fit. The Bighorns run the 25" will be closer to 26".
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