In Memory of Chadd Burroughs - 1980 - 2010
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16.  Chadd doing what he did best..fix stuff!  And it usually wasn't his rig..jpg
17. Chadd getting ear wax!.jpg
18. Or nose wax..jpg
19. Yeah...F You too Chadd...We'll miss you dearly..jpg
20. Chadd Vader..jpg
21. Chadd Vader....Polaris Mechanic..jpg
22. Chadd doing the usual..loading a CUSTOMER ATV! LOL..jpg
23. Ken, Chadd and Larry..jpg
24. Chadd throwing rocks at birds..jpg
25. Chadd appears dumbfounded of the power of Jet Boil..jpg
26. Hi Dad, this is not an emergency!.jpg
27. Chadd BS'ing after a ride..jpg
28. Hey...HOMO!.jpg
29. Bill and Chadd at the North end of Fordyce Lake..jpg
30. Chadd pulling line near Gold Lake..jpg

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